You Sexy Mother…

So I have found my new favorite jeans of the moment… Mother Denim’s Outsider Bootcut–in Heaven wash! These jeans are so amazing!

When we had our store, M.G. Denim, in Baton Rouge, we carried over 40 different brands of jeans and many, many different styles. So it is safe to say that I devoted a good year of my life learning everything imaginable about denim! My friends and customers joke all the time saying that I have a “self-taught” Ph. D. in designer denim. That being said, one of my favorite denim lines was Paige. They were oh-so-comfortable and never stretched out! But then they altered their fabrics and fit a bit, and they just were not the same…(All of you fellow denim geeks out there know what I am talking about) I have a pair that is 6 years old that I refuse to get rid of. They are my feel good jeans! I have tried other brands and styles hoping to find a suitable replacement for my blue jean baby, but my mission was not accomplished–until today!

Hail the new Queen of denim: MOTHER.

From the moment I got my first leg in them I began to smile. That old familiar feeling of my once favorite denim brand was coming back–until I zipped them up and turned around. They are even better! My flat, normally unnoticeable fanny looked fabulous. Please, please come in and try this new jean brand on and give me some feedback. I will be rocking mine every day. I am in love.

The only thing I  left to say about Mother Denim I will have to steal from the insanely fabulous music artist, Prince. (or is he still the artist formally known as?)

“You Sexy Mother F—er”

Buy your own sexy Mothers here

xoxo, Kate

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