Lightweight Leather: Perfect for Louisiana Weather

Yes, I know that tomorrow’s high temperature is 82 degrees, but we just got the most amazing Muubaa leather jackets in stock again! This London-based line made it’s debut in 2007 at Topshop’s ultra-hip and popular Oxford Street location, and it has been taking the U.S. by storm ever since! Material Girl had these amazing items in last August, and we sold out of them that month! I know many of you asked, but the line was so popular we could not get any more Fall 2010 stock! So…this year I am getting ahead of the game, and our first Fall items have just arrived! So why do celebrities like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, and Mischa Barton never leave home without one? It is because of the yummy, soft and incredibly lightweight leather! Especially since we live in a climate that rarely needs a coat, this will be your must-have item of 2011, I promise. I rarely endorse a product and give it a near perfect rating, but when one comes along, I will definitely pass the info on! We have 3 styles in stock now, with another shipment arriving the week of July 11! The other fantastic thing about these jackets is that for the quality and style, I would expect to pay close to $800 for one! But they are all priced under $500 and well worth every penny! Come and see them while they last, but just a warning–if you touch it, you may have to have it! Just saying…

Get them online here

Much love, Kate

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