Edie Sedgwick: 60’s Fashion Icon

For those of you who have never heard of Edie Sedgwick, she was known for being Andy Warhol’s “Superstar”. Also, Edie was considered a muse for Bob Dylan since they were romantically linked for quite some time. However, that is a whole other story. I just want to talk about her being a fashion inspiration–not only for the 60’s–but for decades to come after. In 1965 she was named “Girl of the Year”, and also named Vogue magazine’s “It Girl”. I think that says it all about her influence on fashion then and still today. I think now more than ever her influence is everywhere. From her oversized jewelry to her luxurious furs to her super high heels and mod mini dresses. Let’s not forget most important of all–the ever-present trend of opaque tights.

The thing I find most inspiring about Edie Sedgwick is that she didn’t conform to any fashion “rules”. Instead, she made her own. She wore what she wanted, where she wanted and when she wanted, and I wish that more women had that attitude and confidence today. The same went for her heavily-applied makeup that she was also known for. Night or day–it did not matter–she was who she was, and I personally love that most about her. I think that her rebellious spirit and love of fashion lies in all of us women. We just need to embrace it more. I mean, who doesn’t love to play dress up? I know I do and always will. Just know that the next time you put on a mini dress with black tights and oversized jewelry, as I myself often do, you have Edie Sedgwick to thank for looking fabulous! There’s no doubt that she truly was the 1960’s “Girl on Fire”.

by guest blogger for Material Girl, Lindsey Champagne


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