“Can you believe she’s wearing that?! She’s a mother now!!”

whether you're classic, boho, rocker or sophisticated, stay true to your style before and after you become a mom

“Can you believe she’s wearing that?! She’s a mother now!!” Ok, I don’t know about other moms, but when I heard this being said from another woman I was extremely offended!

This happened when my co-workers and I were having lunch at our local cafe. A woman in her late 30’s/early 40’s wearing a light black leather jacket, scarf, simple white blouse, black pencil skirt and knee-high leather boots stopped by our table to tell us “hello”. This happens very often because our salon owner knows everyone in this town!  We all smiled politely and went back to our lunch. I myself  thought “What a super cute outfit; she looked great” and my co-workers all agreed.

As soon as she walked out of the door, another women (who was  very conservatively dressed  from head to toe) also stopped to say hello. As the girls and I once again got back to our lunch she continued to talk to our salon owner. It was just normal chit-chat at first, and then she goes on to say ” Can you believe she’s wearing that?! She’s a mother now!”. Of course, she was talking about the previous woman I mentioned.

As a mother myself  I could not believe what I was hearing. I was insanely offended. What does that even mean?  So I guess we should not be able to be fashionable or wear what we feel confident in because we gave birth and we are now mothers? So we should just sit back in the shadows wearing our sweats everyday? I couldn’t even look up at this women because I knew the look on my face was not a friendly one.  All I could think was “Wow…way to set us back 100 years, lady!”

To be clear about this, so I don’t offend anyone, there is  no problem whatsoever about anyone who feels more comfortable dressing in a more conservative fashion. If that is what makes you feel secure and confident , by all means rock it! At the same time everyone else deserves that same respect.

Becoming a mother was very empowering for me, and to be able to lose the weight that came along with that was the best I’d ever felt about myself. I could not wait to run to my favorite local boutique and go crazy, and trust me, that’s exactly what I did!!

As a mother trying the best I can to raise a future man in this world, it is very important for me to teach him to respect, love and appreciate women. How is he supposed take that seriously if his own mother backs down to this ancient way of thinking?  All I can say is “not in this house!”

Here is just a little extra women power: lyrics from one of my favorite Gwen Stefani songs that I think is fitting for this topic——“Look at your watch NOW…..You’re still a SUPER HOT female. What are you waiting for?”

Rock it !  Lindsey

One thought on ““Can you believe she’s wearing that?! She’s a mother now!!”

  1. I think it is very empowering to see mothers young and no so young that continue to be stylish. What you wear is a reflection of your personality and how you feel. I choose garments base upon what makes me feel beautiful and confident. I am not a mother yet but when I am I hope my little ones do not take away my style but bring on a new and improved one : )

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