Made With Love: JADETribe Bags

One of the most intriguing lines we discovered this year is the rapidly-growing brand JADEtribe. Like everyone else, once we got a glimpse of these gorgeous pieces, we just had to know more about them.

A woman in Ban Nayang village in Asia making textiles for the Nicole tote.

JADEtribe Designer Kimberly Hartman in Laos helping with production of cotton for a tote.

Kimberly Hartman, who we met in Los Angeles, was in Laos watching women hand dye and weave these amazing fabrics when she had the idea for the unique brand. She decided to help these talented women by buying their textiles at a fair price, then help other women in their small village by hiring them to produce the cotton and others to sew the textiles into handbags, which, as she puts it, “in turn helps women with boring handbags everywhere.”

Each handbag is not only a work of art, but it is a work of love. These women have spent generations perfecting their art, and it is incredible to have some things in life that are still handmade. I now own two JADEtribe pieces, and they each get lots of compliments every time I carry one. The quality and intricacy is unmatched, and while being stylish, you’re also supporting these women from across the globe.

Now JADEtribe is getting all the love. The bags have been featured in Vogue, Elle Decor, InStyle, Marie Claire, Lucky, Elle and countless adoring fans and celebrities.

JADEtribe embroidered handbag

JADEtribe tote

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