Pay It Forward with The Giving Keys

“It started in a New York motel. The key to my room was old and rusted. And I immediately loved it. So I ‘permanently borrowed’ it, put it on a chain, and slipped it over my neck. The rush of compliments that key received completely surprised me. After all, it was just a key. Or so I thought.” says singer/songwriter and actress Caitlin Crosby, founder of the Giving Keys.

She loved it so much that when she got home, she collected more keys and engraved words on them–ones she thought were meaningful for her family and friends.

Then one day in Hollywood she came across a homeless couple (Cera & Rob) looking for work to provide for their family. She talked with them and made them her business partners. They started engraving words like “Love”, “Faith” and “Strength” with a message to live these ideals and, in time, pay it forward by giving your key to someone else who needs the message. Thus, the ‘Giving Keys’ were born.

Proceeds go to keeping Cera and Rob off the streets and in transitional homes/counseling/school/shelter and once we complete that goal, we will use the extra money to donate to the shelters and transitional homes that were most effective in supporting Cera and Rob.”

Get the full story on Caitlin’s Giving Key project here.

Video: Caitlin Crosby explains

Such an simple concept–if only we remembered how little we can do to make someone else’s day.

We are the only ones in Louisiana that has them right now, and you can get them in store at Material Girl.

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