10 Things That Make a Material Girl Happy – Kate Stark Edition

This is a new feature for our blog. Once a week for the next few weeks, we will feature a list of one of the staff’s favorite things. From objects to moments to feelings–just anything that makes us smile. 🙂

  1. The Smell of New Leather. In a car, opening a new shoe box, walking into City Shoe Service in Houma. Yummy.
  2. Rain and a Good Book. After my 50 Shades trilogy, I am currently engrossed in What Remains from Carole Radziwill from RHNYC
  3. Wine In a Long Bubble Bath. while my 2 cats and yorkie sit perched on the basket of clean towels. Ahh relaxation
  4. Raising Canes After a Night On the Town. No slaw, extra sauce and an orange Fanta!!
  5. The Early Morning. I love to be one of the first ones on the street at 7 am on my way to the local Starbucks.
  6. The Smell of Fresh Cut Lumber and the Sound of a Nail Gun. Yes, new construction is my favorite. To see something new develop from a idea to paper to reality is exhilarating. Throw in a couple of workers dangling from the rafters, and I am high for a week!
  7. A Dirty Guitar Solo. Put on Led Zepplin, Gary Clark, Jr., Jack White.. Really, anyone who can lay it down.
  8. The Sound of the UPS Truck’s Engine. Yes, yes, I can hear it a good mile away. Always exciting to get in new goodies at MG.
  9. Animals. Furry, spiky and even scaly. I should have been a veterinarian. Don’t invite me hunting; I will scream, “Run!”, to the poor things!
  10. The Chart Room in Nola. Amazing Bar. Great music; great friends; great times.

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