Jen Aniston Shows Us How Important Good Style Is–By Looking Awful.

When I first saw this picture floating around the internet from a new movie being filmed, I couldn’t believe it was Jennifer Aniston. At least not without some photoshopping. She’s one of those women you’d think would look good in anything. Seriously, she cannot really look that bad can she? But, it is! She is on the set of a We’re the Millers in which she plays a frumpy prostitute. Frumpy is right. Where did she even find capri pants in 2012? But, in addition to the ugliness of this outfit, she also appears heavier. Like, I’d say a good 15 pounds heavier at least. If anyone ever says that clothes don’t make a difference. Let’s all take this photo as a lesson that good styling is everything–even on one of the country’s “most beautiful”.

Jen looks slim and sexy by tucking in her fitted top into a high-waisted skirt.

Lets take it from top to bottom. What is it exactly that makes our casual, chic Jen we all know to frumpy dumpy. First, the bangs. Now, bangs are not bad usually. But these are way too heavy for her, overgrown, and messy–and not the good kinda messy. The shirt: I love a good sleeveless button down. They are stylish and can be a very versatile top. But this one is a big, cheap, eyelet no-no. It hits her right in her widest part–her hips, and that is what’s making her look heavier than usual. Chic Jen as herself would pick a sleeveless button down of this length and tuck it into a fitted bottom with a higher rise. It’s amazing how a tucked in shirt can do to your figure to accentuate your waist. Or, if you’d like an untucked look, you can choose a top that ends at a more flattering place–either above or below this no-no length right at the hips. Also, never underestimate the power of a good bra. Enough said.

Cropped pants can be cute and chic with a fitted top and defined waist.

Those pants. Wow. Now, there is nothing wrong with a good cropped pant. Actually, they can be quite flattering. I find that rolling up a pair of skinnies is fab with either flats or heels. But again, this one is doing her no favors. If ‘real Jen’ was gonna go with a loose cropped style, she knows to roll the legs up and pair it with a tucked in, slim-fitting top or a fitted blazer. With an oversized or longer top, go with a skinny fit cropped pant. As far as these khaki capri pants circa 1999–just say no.

Chic Jen opts for updated sneakers or loafers to stay stylish.

And, of course, we all know Jen would definitely go with better shoes. Maybe some chunky heeled sandals,  espadrille wedges or pointy toe pumps for extra length? Heels always work. But to keep it comfy, I’d say go with an updated flat–like a sleek loafer or suede boot.

This outfit is a reminder of how simple updated style tweaks can make you or break you. With great style, you can go from frumpy to fabulous. Or, in Jen’s case here, the opposite. 🙂

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