Lafco Candles: A Guide to Our Latest Scents

A new season not only calls for new clothes, but for fresh new scents for your home, and we have some of the best scents from our favorite candle company. Everyone always wants a candle with an aroma that will easily fill a room. Well, LAFCO scents can easily fill a home, and with over 90 hours of burn time, you enjoy one every day and without worrying about it lasting. The expertly crafted scents are made from clean-burning soy-based wax and are in gorgeous handblown glass vessels.

Here is a guide to our favorite scents in store. The unique scents and beauty make these candles great gifts. Can’t make it to the store? Call us if you’d like to have one wrapped and delivered to someone special.

The LAFCO House and Home Candle Collection is specifically designed to create an elegant atmosphere and compliment the ambiance and decor of each room in your home. Here are some of our favorite fall scents from this collection:

LAFCO Foyer (Amber Black Vanilla) Candle is warm black vanilla and amber that opens to reveal subtle note of amber and patchouli. This inviting combination welcomes everyone who enters your home with a promise of good friends and good times.

LAFCO Bathroom (Marine) Candle is reminiscent of a long soothing bath in an oversized tub overlooking the ocean. This clean marine scent laced with a hint of cucumber will make even a hurried shower a refreshing experience. This one is great for those who love a fresh clean scent.

LAFCO Library (Sage & Walnut) Candle layers the scent of sweet walnuts on top of roasted chestnuts and clary sage for a warm, familiar fragrance with an exotic twist.

LAFCO Living Room (Fresh Cut Gardenia) Candle is the scent of euphoric gardenia, with the slightest touch of fresh cut stem and infused with a hint of sweet olive to make any living space uplifting and welcoming.

LAFCO Master Bedroom (Chamomile Lavender) Candle is the slightest suggestion of fresh washed linens added to the scent of healing chamomile blossoms and lavender buds to inspire a restful nights sleep and sweet dreams. It is easily our best selling non-holiday scent. It’s also a great wedding gift.

LAFCO Media Room (Spike Lavender) Candle is a powerful combination of Mediterranean lavender, used in aromatherapy to sharpen ones’ senses, and neroli oil, which reduces tension and anxiety.

In celebration of the good life, LAFCO presents the LAFCO Dream Home Candle Collection. These sophisticated fragrances are tailor made to evoke the ideal setting of your perfect dream home. This intriguing blend sets the mood for hours of entertainment pleasure. Here are some of our favorite fall scents from this collection:

LAFCO Guest House (Marseillies Fig) Candle is ripe black figs and gently crushed fig leaves combined with a bit of lime zest to create an earthy fruited scent. This is a new scent for Material Girl and is my new favorite–not only for its yummy scent but also for its gorgeous clear vessel.

LAFCO Ski House (Feu de Bois) Candle is like the perfect ski vacation. This blend of crisp, crystal mountain air and the unmistakable odor of a cedar log fire with just a touch of evergreen fir takes you to your very own luxurious alpine lodge. This one is a favorite for fall evenings and usually sells out quickly after our first cold snap. Those in the know stock up on these early. 🙂

LAFCO Townhouse (Seville Spice) Candle is warm and sultry with notes of bitter orange, bergamot, clove and nutmeg, evoking a sophisticated townhouse with finely waxed antiques, velvet drapes, glittering crystal and priceless “objets d’art”.

LAFCO Tree House (Majestic Oak) Candle is oak, geranium and fir needles blended with vetiver and a touch of warm amber for an exotic woody blend.

LAFCO Lake House (Water Hyacinth) Candle is the cool, damp slightly floral scent of a mirror-smooth lake filled with exotic water hyacinth, mixed with notes of very light moss and aged cypress wood to perfectly evoke a tranquil lakeside abode.

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