Wildfox White Label

Every season when Wildfox releases their new collection, they also release a line made of even yummier fabrics and more luxe details for their  exclusive White Label collection.

This season, White Label is made of  cashmere-like open-weave knits, super soft terries, and thick metallic embroidery to create a collection based on your inner voice. “This collection is for the angel and devil in all of us. Which voice do you wanna hear?”

From Wildfox’s Blog:

“Fall 2012 White Label:
Which Voice Do You Wanna Hear?

Growing up it’s not always easy to do the “right” thing.  Sometimes the wrong thing, or even the bad thing, can be the best thing!  Wildfox is all about having no regrets. We think it’s good to have a little bit of a bad girl and good girl in you.  Sometimes it’s okay to go skinny dipping at midnight, or kiss a boy you met 10 minutes ago! Sometimes it’s good to get up early and pay your bills over a hot cup of mint tea, or take a class in something you have been meaning to learn!

The Fall 2012 White Label collection is a nod to iconic figures, film and television, brands, and trends of the nineties era, in which designers Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon grew up.  The Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Winona Ryder, Alicia Silverstone, Aerosmith, braided hair, spring break, MTV, and Judy Blume novels – all played major roles in the lives of designers Emily and Kim.  This collection is a reflection of their choices made while going through High School and on to launching Wildfox together.  Mostly diligent, persistent, and responsible, they also occasionally met boys and soaked up the sun in Malibu…perhaps at times while they should have been working.

White Label Fall 2012 reminds us to have fun regardless of which voice we listen to.  It’s about fall nights with your best friends at a football game wearing a warm, nineties-style turtleneck or cheerleading sweater.  It’s about catching the latest episode of The Real World, tucking into bed with a cup of hot chocolate, or the last night of camp before going back to school when you sat on the dock wearing shorts and a huge, warm sweater, cuddled up with that cute boy from bunk 7 and almost kissing as the rain came down.  This collection is about that project you got an “A” on that made you feel great and pushed you into your future career or studying in the library with that tutor you wished was your boyfriend!  It’s the memory of obsessing over Leonardo Di Caprio as Romeo and wishing you were his Capulet.  It’s about love, angels, and the 1990’s; it’s for the generation of misfits!

This collection is for the angel and devil in all of us.
Which voice do you wanna hear?”


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