Twiggy’s Back

“Twiggy”, known as THE British teenage model of the swinging sixties in London, who graced the covers of Vogue  and other high-fashion magazines, is back.  In our store.  For a moment.  What I mean is, the twin duo designers of the brand Naven have created a shift dress that screams “Twiggy” and it is all we need to channel Twiggy at times.  Known for her large eyes, thin frame, long eyelashes and super short hair, she was the epitome of the 60’s, and she’s almost synonymous with the “shift dress” that became so popular in this era–and still is.  It’s because the shift dress is classic, because of it’s simple & short cut, yet it is trés mod in it’s own way.

And Material Girl currently has the Naven “Twiggy” dress in one of Fall’s “it” colors:  cerulean blue.  It’s electric, and it’s to die for.  It is also adorned with an exposed zipper in the back to keep the style fresh for 2012.  You can dress it up with statement jewels and keep it classic, or wear it with tall boots to funk it up.  Wear it with a cool Karen London long necklace to keep it very, very hip.

On a side note, I seriously dream about having a closet full of shift dresses in every color one day, and if you are like me, I totally believe in the saying that “if you write your goals down on paper you are far more likely to achieve them”.  So that should make me one step closer to a closet full of shift dresses, right?

Get your Twiggy on now at Material Girl with the Naven shift dress and Karen London ‘Elevate Me’ necklace. Both available in store now and online soon.

And as always…

La Vie Est Belle, Kathryn

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