My Hurricane Checklist

It looks like Isaac is heading our way here in South Louisiana. After you stock up on water and batteries and your First Aid kits, don’t forget the little luxuries that will make the days a bit better if stuck inside.


  • Fully-Charged iPad. Just because the electricity is out doesn’t mean you can’t still shop.
  • Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper. It’s an excuse to laze around the house, so stay comfy and cute.
  • Magazines. September Issues are out now, so take advantage of the extra time to catch up on fall fashion.
  • Dry Shampoo. It keeps your hair fresh in between washings. I love Oscar Blandi’s version.
  • Snacks. Calories don’t count on storm days. It’s a fact.
  • Cute Rain Boots. If you have to go outside, at least keep your feet dry and stylish.
  • Lafco candle. If you have to light candles when the lights are out, go for one that will make the house smell amazing while you’re at it.
  • Wine, of course. Just don’t forget the plastic cups 😉

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