10 Things That Make a Material Girl Happy: Kathryn Edition

CoCo Marina Sunsets: Watching the sunset on the water after a beautiful day.  Listening to the boats gently sway back and forth on the water.  Sitting with good friends and good wine on a patio.

Pink Peonies: Hot pink, light pink, white.  The “fluffiness” of this flower is so decadent and divine.  They only bloom a few times a year.  I wish I could have a fresh bouquet in my home & office year round.

Moleskin Journals & Planners: I cannot go anywhere without my moleskin planner.  Dating back to ancient times, these sketchbooks were used by the likes of Degas, etc.  They come in a variety of colors but my personal fave is black.

Essie Nail Polish in Marshmallow: I’ve been wearing this color for 10 years and it never gets old to me.  A classic for nails and toes.

My Orange Tabby Cat, Sophia Marie: Honestly I’m partial, but she has a personality like no other.  Although sometimes she is the true definition of a “scare-dy” cat.  Sigh.

Tory Burch “Reva” Flats: Black, Gold, Leopard.  These flats are so reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.  They make me so happy I just want to “click” my heels when I put them on!

Louis XIV Chairs: I currently have two covered in a modern black and white print with white lacquered arms.  I just love to mix an old style chair with modern elements.

New York City, My Old Home: The energy of the city in the morning, the hustle bustle of the subway, the winter’s first snow, Christmas, and, of course, the shopping!

Caprese Salads: My absolute favorite dish.  When paired with the perfect, creamy & fresh mozzarella and a little sea salt.  This makes me SO happy!

J Brand Jeans, Paige Denim: These jeans have the best fit and go with everything.

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