Interior Talk: Make your closet fresh for Fall

As fall weather approaches, we at Material Girl are concerned about one thing:  Fall Closet Transitions

Each year when it’s time to refresh from summer to fall, every Material Girl dreams of closets of the famous and fashionable, like Carrie Bradshaw’s bold blue one in Sex And The City.

Everything on display like the pieces of art that they are:  Louis Vuitton & Chloe purses, Louboutins placed just so, sweaters and shoes folded neatly according to color and style, a fabulous mirror and rug, and, of course, an island to store and display baubles and jewels.

While this dream closet is a stretch for most of us, we can all still achieve the look.

Personally,  my closet may be a tad small, but I was still delighted to bring my sweaters out of storage and display them neatly on each shelf by color.  Each sweater is folded just so, with a piece of tissue paper inside to avoid wrinkles.  Now, when the weather turns to crisp fall air I’ll be ready to pull out my favorite sweater or knit for layering or wearing alone.

All of this rearranging makes me think of this amazing Bardot cableknit sweater which recently hit the floor at Material Girl.  Soft and cuddly, and just the right color neutral to go with everything! I’ll definitely need this to add to my collection!

La Vie Est Belle, Kathryn

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